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How Strategy Leads Design At SBC

A lot of thought and strategy goes into an initial client meeting. To make sure your brand is an accurate representation of your company, many hours of behind the scene meetings and research are done. After our initial research phase, our brand associates get to work on a strategy that explains target audiences, how we are going to brand your company, a full marketing plan and social engagement strategy. Each strategy is different because we tailor all research and ideas to individual clients to create a unique brand identity and brand message.

Once your brand has a strategy that we are sure will guarantee brand exposure for your company, our creative team gets to work. Every aspect of your brand is covered through several internal meetings, which focus on strategy, content and design. The designer working on your project will use personal inspiration and your wants to create an appropriate color scheme and several logo options to present to you. Once you’ve chosen your top two brand mark/logo designs, our design team uses a unique combination of typography and visual elements to get to the best possible design representation of your brand.

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