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Are You Doing Yelp Wrong?

Your business can’t succeed if you don’t use effective marketing techniques! That’s why it is so important for businesses to take advantage of digital marketing opportunities, like Yelp is one of the world’s most popular reviewing platforms that allows businesses to receive direct feedback from their customers, and the best part is, most features are free! But even though businesses use Yelp, there are many that aren’t seeing the benefits of the platform, simply because they’re doing it wrong. Below are four common mistakes that you may be making on Yelp.

1. Forgetting to Claim Your Business Page

This is a red flag for business owners. Forgetting to claim your business page on Yelp decreases users’ overall experience on your page. When you claim your page, you are able to upload photos, update business hours and contact information, respond to reviews as the page’s official business owner, and include SEO-related descriptions on your Yelp page, which will help increase the traffic to the page. You can also utilize Yelp Metrics when you claim your business page and receive insights about your Yelp user audience.

2. Assuming that Yelp is Only for Restaurants

This is completely false. While it is true that there are many restaurants promoting their businesses on Yelp, it is also true that there are companies from nearly every industry that utilize Yelp.Don’t limit your company’s potential because you don’t believe it will reach many customers on Yelp. You will be surprised by the feedback that you’ll receive and how many potential customers you can reach by adding your business to Yelp.

3. Inactivity on Your Yelp Page

You’ve claimed your business page on Yelp–now you need to use it! Don’t make the mistake of creating a page and then forgetting about it, as a lot of business owners tend to do. As a business owner or manager, if you act like you don’t care about your business, why should anyone else? You need to manage your Yelp page just like you would on your social media profiles. Respond to positive and negative reviews, answer comments, and update your information such as hours and product selections, as needed. Remember, potential and existing customers are always turning to Yelp for answers.

4. Not Tracking Down the Competition

Yelp is one of the world’s most popular sites for businesses, so take this opportunity to seek out your competition. Venture out to other pages on Yelp and see what businesses are similar to yours. Check out the competition in your city and look at what type of reviews their customers are leaving on their pages. Make a competitive analysis based on competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own. The world is at your fingertips thanks to the power of the internet.

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