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3 Tips for Providing Amazing Online Customer Service

At Studio Brand Collective, we love talking about the latest digital trends! From the newest ad campaigns to captivating designs that are consuming the web, we’re all about learning from other branding pros. One hot topic of conversation is about how more brands are focusing on providing customer service through social media.

Now-a-days, it’s faster and easier to send a tweet or Facebook message instead of calling and being put on hold for what feels like forever. Whether you’re a new brand or have been in the industry for a while, providing excellent online customer service is important. Grab a pen and paper and take note – we’re sharing three tips for providing amazing online customer service!

Always be prompt in your response

Oftentimes, grieving customers utilize social media in hopes of getting a faster response than they would by calling a customer service representative. Customers are counting on you to give them the answers they need, so responding in a timely matter is crucial. We recommend checking your social platforms every two to three hours and allocating a few minutes to respond to those messages.

Take the time and craft a unique response

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this rule dismissed one too many times. You never want to be the company with the generic “we apologize for the inconvenience” response. Every customer should be treated individually, so each complaint deserves a unique response. Tailor your response to each customer and their concerns. JetBlue does a great job of personalizing their responses and providing rockstar customer service!

Spread the love and be positive

The fatal mistake that any customer service representative can make on social media is being outright rude or inconsiderate. When responding to a complaint, take a deep breath and curate a unique, positive response. Empathize with their situation, whether it’s a delayed flight or receiving the incorrect order. Your customer is in distress, so it’s up to you to remedy the situation and make them feel better. When appropriate, use light humor. This can help turn a difficult situation into a positive experience.

Social media customer service is transforming the way companies remedy their client’s concerns. Adapting to these changes is incredibly important. By incorporating these three tips into your daily routine, you’ll be on your way to providing excellent customer service. Which companies do you think rock at social media customer service? Let us know on Twitter!

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