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5 Ways to Keep Creativity Flowing Throughout the Day

When working in a creative field, it’s imperative that we always stay inspired. Oftentimes, we get burnt out and lose the motivation to apply an artistic eye - whether that’s caused by overworking, a project overload or those end-of-week blues. Here are some ways to combat this lack of imagination in the workplace:

  1. Bounce ideas off of co-workers, especially those who aren’t on the same project as you. This can help with fresh ideas that you and your team hadn’t yet considered. Having someone objective and outside of the project can help bring in new perspectives to the situation.

  2. Continue to search for inspiration via the web and magazines. Keeping up with current trends and styles can help you and your team discover new content or design ideas. Use that inspiration and bring your own unique twist to a popular idea.

  3. Take some time throughout the day to do something that you enjoy outside of work. This can help rejuvenate your mind, and that can, in turn, translate into your daily work. A task where you have to create or build something on your own is a great method.

  4. Think outside of the box. This is easier said than done, but don’t settle on an idea until you’ve truly had some time to think about it in its entirety. Try to stray away from ideas that you frequently use. Collect the preferences from your team and decide which fits best with the project you’re working on. This doesn’t mean the most popular has to win if it is not unique enough, but this can help you see if they make sense to others. Just remember to make it your own!

  5. Research your competition to find trends that they implement, then try to stay away from those ideas (if it makes sense)! You want to be unique and stand out from everyone else, so make sure you are doing your research. It’s unavoidable that companies in the same market will have similarities in processes, but finding a different edge within those crucial things can help you stand out.

Staying fresh with your creativity can be a challenge on its own! For more inspiration in your daily creative life, follow us on Instagram!


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