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11 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be on Instagram

Stop right there. Is your brand on Instagram? If you haven’t jumped onto the platform yet, it’s not too late. With engagement rates higher than Facebook and as one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, it’s the place you need to be. If you’re still not convinced, here are 11 reasons why your business needs to be on Instagram now!

1. Consumers are flocking to Instagram. More than 300 million people use Instagram every single day. 20% of those 300 million are in the U.S.

2. A recent study showed that brands receive 58 times more engagement on Instagram than Facebook and 120 more than on Twitter.

3. In fact, on average 4.21% a brands followers will interact the company’s posts. Half of all Instagram users are millennials. If millennials are your target demographic, then what are you waiting for?

4. You’re behind the times. Take a look at your competition – most them are on Instagram, reaching an audience you may be missing.

5. You can reach specific communities and easily engage with them. By using the right hashtags, your post can be put in front of the community your brand needs to reach out to.

6.Video marketing is the future, and Instagram’s world has expanded beyond short clips. You can now post 60-second videos!

7. You can easily integrate your paid Instagram advertising with Facebook. Since Facebook’s purchase of Instagram, you can now use Facebook Ad Manager to run both.

8. Encourage others to promote your brand on Instagram as well. By having an active Instagram account, you’re giving your customers an account to tag, which their own followers can then click on to view your profile.

9. Even your business’ location can be an Instagram location, where customers can tag themselves to increase brand awareness.

10. Instagram allows you to curate your brand’s look and feel through being selective in which visuals you choose to upload.

11. 50% of Instagram users use social media to conduct product research. What happens when they can’t find your brand?

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