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Got writers block? Here are some ways to get the creative juices flowing!

Spark An Idea! Brainstorming Tips

We have all been there, the moment when you have no idea where to begin and feel puzzled. You constantly have to think of ideas for a project or solve a problem for a client. Brainstorming sessions can be useful in many ways not only professionally, but also personally. Here are 3 brainstorming tips that can help you and your team spark an idea and solve a problem.

Define the problem or goal

Clearly define the problem or goal, this will help produce new ideas. Explain and understand the problem or the goal you are trying to conquer. What is the problem you want a solution for? What is the outcome you are trying to achieve? This will allow others to generate thoughts and questions that you did not think about. You will be able to guide the discussion and hear everyone’s thoughts. This also helps everyone feel involved and on the same page.

Write it all down

A best practice for a brainstorming session is writing everything down. Whether you are brainstorming alone or in a group setting writing everything down will help tremendously. Write down any big or small idea or key words, even if some of these seem insignificant they can help you when gathering everyone’s thoughts. You do not have to just write these on a notepad, get creative and use a dry erase board, post its or flashcards. Be visual to allow you or the group to be inspired by the ideas or keywords of others. Taking notes of all these ideas and key words help you remember everything and have the information for future reference.

Use tools and resources

When working alone or in a group setting, it helps to research your goal, topic or problem. Read related and credible articles and blogs to discover new facts and ideas. This could change your perspective and gather different point of views. Another tool to use when brainstorming is mind mapping. Mind mapping can help you and your group be more productive during your brainstorming sessions. A mind map can be a chart, diagram or a list of ideas and key words that connect to a main topic. Mind mapping gives you a chance to write everything down and derive words or ideas from one sub topic to another.

These tips will allow you to begin the process of uncovering endless innovative ideas. Use these tips to think outside the box and spark creativity.

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