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Does Your Brand's Logo Stand Out From the Healthcare Pack?

Did you know that the healthcare industry comprises providers of diagnostic, preventive, remedial, and therapeutic services? That's including doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other private, public, and voluntary organizations, while also including medical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and health insurance firms. In such a large industry, you want your brand to look different and stand out from the rest, but still fall under recognizable parameters for your industry. If you want to establish yourself as a credible and authoritative source in your industry, you need a high quality logo that:

  • Represents your brand/business

  • Reflects quality services

  • Engages and evokes emotion from consumers

  • Is recognizable and memorable

Here are four ways to achieve this:

1. Personalization

When you're looking to promote your medical practice, you want to make sure your branded logo reflects what it is you do for your patients. You want to build trust as a reliable expert. Develop personas to create content and a name that is specific to your industry and service. Your messaging is just as important as your branded logo. By putting your unique spin on your brand and logo you can really help your patients connect with you as a valuable practitioner.

2. Simplicity

Using bold colors and bold, clean lines will help keep your logo simple and striking, making it all the more effective in your industry. Think about how to personalize your symbol to be unique, but still effective toward your profession. Think about the universal symbol in your profession as inspiration when developing your logo.

3. Color

Considering colors is also key, according to Huffington, studies have shown that color influences 60–80 percent of customers making a decision. Color is also the first thing a patient will notice when looking at your brand and logo. Making the wrong color choice could cost your company in the long run. Consider the meaning of the color before making your final selection.

4. Recognizable

Choose a logo that will be read well, large and small. Think about where your logo will be displayed, from a letterhead to a billboard. If it will be small on most occasions, you will want a logo that is readable across all sizes. You will want your patients to be able to easily identify with your practice and recognize your brand from another.

Looking to develop an awesome logo that represents your company in the most effective way? Contact us today or take a look at some of the clients we have worked with here to see what we can do for you.

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