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Pure Mayhem

During the Sugar Bowl, an interesting commercial from the infamous Allstate “Mayhem” man came on. Causing mayhem as usual, we watched him break into a couple’s house. The couple posted on social media that they where out of town for the game. At the end of the commercial he announced that he was selling everything in the house online at That’s when the mayhem started. Everyone’s attention was taken away from the game and instead everyone was focused on trying to purchase anything from the sale. There was a wide array of items including a Flat screen TV for $60 (a dollar per inch), Xbox for $7, a coffee mug for $1, and the list goes on. The biggest item was a brand new car for $200, which was sold later after Mayhem made his escape. The website crashed multiple times due to the high volume of traffic, but this did not stop anyone from wanting to get in on the action. @Mayhem gained over 3 thousand followers, #mayhemsale become a trending topic on Twitter and with that, Allstate stole the show from the Sugar Bowl. Our hats are off to Allstate for this ingenious marketing stunt!

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