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How To Bring Your Website To The First Page of Google: 10 SEO Tips

SEO tips

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is one of the biggest assets to any website if done correctly. Understanding SEO can increase a business’ visibility on Internet search engines such as Google and Bing and help make customers aware of a brand. Many people believe that SEO is hard, but this is not true. Simple SEO configurations are very easy to put in place, and sometimes this is all you need. Here are a few basic SEO tips that can effectively increase a website’s visibility on search engine.

1. Tagged Images

Because search engines do not “see” images on a website, it is important to describe images in the alt text as accurately as possible. Doing this allows a search engine to “read” the image and will increase the chances of website images showing in images searches.

2.Content Updates
The more recent the content on a website is, the more relevant it is considered by search engines. Updating content or adding fresh, new content will favor it for search listings and will help the website in SEO value. If content is updated frequently, then this leads search engines to visit the website more often. This leads to an increase in SEO rankings.
3.Duplicated Content
Be aware of content that is duplicated on a website. Search engines will only index one of two pages if it finds two pieces of identical content.
4. Keywords

When it comes to content, using keywords related to the business of the website is extremely valuable. A search engine looks at a website to determine if it is the best match to what a person is looking for. This is why it is important to make sure content contains lots of the keywords people are using. Create content using keywords in a way that is natural to the reader. Using keywords in page titles and URLs also helps with SEO value.

(Bonus SEO Tip: Research keywords by using free tools such as Google Adwords!)

5. Keyword Stuffing

Although having keywords in content is a great SEO tip, be careful of using too many keywords on your pages, especially when affecting the readability of your site.

6. Website Loading Time

The time it takes for a website to completely finish showing on a browser has become a factor for SEO value. Having a website that is slow in loading can be determined by a search engine as a poor user experience.

7. Title Tags

Title tags on website pages are used to let search engines and visitors to a site know what the content of the page is about. Again, use a few keywords related to the content as well as using the brand name of the business.

8. Responsive Design Experience

Having a website that is optimized for all devices, such as desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, is a factor in determining SEO value. In 2015, Google released a mobile–friendly algorithm that gave an SEO boost to mobile–friendly websites. Websites can be tested by using Google’s Mobile­–Friendly Test Tool.

9. Local Search

Search engines serve results based on a user’s location, which is important to a company that is looking to find visitors within the same area. An SEO tip that a local business can do is register with Google My Business. This allows a business to have updated information such as hours, and contact information and makes Google reviews available for customers.

10. Internal Linking

Internal linking is the practice of having links from one page on a website go to a different page of the same website. Internal linking is useful because it helps a user move through a website, as well as help organize a website based on relevance and, of course, help ranking power.

Although search engines change the way they look at websites often, the SEO tips listed here are a few of the basics elements to know when building a strong website for organic search.

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