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A Brief History of Advertising

From the elaborate, extravagant techniques of the Victorian Era to today's modern simplistic approach, advertising has evolved from decade to decade. There are various techniques that were developed that have withstood the sands of time and some that became outdated; by golly, what we'd do to hear a good ol' jingle again! For example, Volkswagen advertisements from the 1950s caught consumer’s attention because of their uncluttered and simple approach. Looking over modern day advertising techniques, it’s easy to see simplicity being implemented today across industries of all sorts; people appreciate designs that are clean, simple and make a statement.

If you appreciate effective advertising, studying its history can be entertaining as well as inspiring! Just like fashion, one can see the different trends that were "in style" from a specific time period. Some other trends that stuck are the use of testimonials, spokespeople, and of course, catchy slogans. Even if you're not an ad buff, we can all agree that the advertising industry has helped shape and define cultures around the world we live in.

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