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Does Your Logo Need a Makeover?

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It’s a question every business that sticks around long enough has to confront eventually: Does our company logo need a makeover? Even though this question can sound scary or be a little intimidating, it doesn't have to be. It just means that you are concerned about your company and its growth within the market. So, you maybe wondering, “How can I tell if my logo needs a makeover?” Well, here are eight signs your logo may indeed need a refresh:

1. Has your company name changed? This one seems pretty obvious; when you change the name of the business, you should change the logo, too. However, there are those who think keeping the general look and feel of the existing logo and simply replacing the name makes it sufficient. The problem with this is, your current customers will have a hard time disassociating themselves from the former name. The solution to this conundrum is to refresh the brand with a newly designed logo and color palette that represents the new name and brand.

2. Have your audience or customers changed? Different people like different things. For example, certain choices of colors and visuals appeal more to a younger generation vs. an older generation. The same can be applied to men vs. women. If your target audience has changed because you’ve expanded your operations, changed your services, or added a new product, then you likely require a new logo or variation on your existing logo that they can identify with.

3. Have your products or services changed? Similar to your target market changing, if your company has updated their products or services, it’s a good idea to have your logo reflect this. Moved into a different market or vertical? No longer offer the products and services that were once advertised? Then it is time for a new logo.

4. Is your logo detail-oriented? With the evolution of the marketplace, high-detail logos are becoming fewer and fewer due to a lack of recognition and readability. Your logo should be clear and easily readable at first glance. If this is not the case, it is time for a new one.

5. Is your logo memorable? A logo is memorable due to its typography, graphic, and color. These key elements will set it apart from the competition. They emotionally connect your brand to your customers and visually communicate what you stand for as a company. If no one can describe your logo after seeing it, it won’t do.

6. Is your logo versatile? Can your logo be used across a variety of mediums and platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram? Every platform requires different size variations; one size or layout orientation will work for one, but not the other. It is also good practice for your logo to translate into black and white effectively. If this is not the case, it is probably time for a logo refresh.

7. Does your logo look similar to another? The last thing you want is for your brand to be confused with competitors, or even a brand in another industry. It needs to be unique to you and your business.

8. Does your logo look outdated? It may be time to take a step back and look at your competitors. Have they recently updated their logo? If so, it may be time to take a look at updating yours. Your logo is the face of your brand, and as such, you want it to represent your company in the most professional and unique manner for today's market.

Your logo is a representation of your brand and needs to effectively communicate what your company offers and provides to its customers. A professional, well-designed logo is a valuable asset to a brand, whether that company is big or small. If you aren’t sure your company logo is getting the job done, let us help. Here at Studio Brand Collective, we believe in value, and that every brand tells a story. Take a look at some of our previous work and give us a call at 713-863-1141 to see if your logo is ready for a facelift.

— Megan Miller Senior Brand Designer at Studio Brand Collective

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