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Five Design Trends of 2014

Design is a huge part of SBC’s branding process. We are constantly looking at industry trends, and we try to match them based on our client’s needs. Let’s take a look at five design trends of 2014.

  • Flat Design Elements. From the release of iOS7, applications and websites alike are adapting to this flat design element. Depending on a project’s needs, flat design elements can transform a dull project and create a clean and minimal website.

  • Personal Portraits. The keyword here is “personal.” Being personable is important in making that connection between brand and audience. Many websites have a whole page dedicated to personal portraits of CEO’s, HR, and staff with a little personality blurb.

  • Responsive Design. Responsive design is when desktop websites can configure and adapt to mobile devices. This makes it easier to read and navigate on a mobile device. With the increase of mobile viewing, it’s not uncommon to see websites implementing responsive design.

  • Grid-Style Layout Design. This doesn’t seem like a new trend at all, does it? Grid layouts are made so that it’s easy to read for the user. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all follow a grid-type layout.

  • Typeface. Going back to user-readability, typeface plays a major part in branding. Classic Times New Roman will not give you a compelling webpage. Typeface gives a brand its personality.

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