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Building A Brand With No Information

Crafting brands is what we love to do, so what happens when we get a client who doesn't give any direction or information for the brand-to-be? We have a set process where we ask many in depth questions to maiximize the information we get from clients. The better the answer, the easier it is for us to create a brand that represents everything the client wants. This isn't always the case.

We understand our clients are busy - they own businesses after all - so there are sometimes when the questions we ask aren't answered in depth, or at all. We take all the information possible, then do market research on the specific industry market the client is in as well as a competitor analysis. We want to make sure every color, design and strategy will set our client apart from others.

When the client doesn't give enough information, we craft a strategy based on what we think will build a successful brand. We'll include everything possible - colors, placement, story, taglines, ad budget, etc. - and present this to the client. If this isn't the direction the client wanted to take, we would then have a more in-depth conversation with the client to get a better understanding.

Just because we don't have enough information doesn't mean we can't begin building a brand foundation.

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