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One of our favorite campaigns this summer is Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke”. The massive success this operation has achieved is due to Coca-Cola’s strategy of mass marketing, personalization, and cross marketing. Their campaign not only allows consumers to feel unique, but the brand gets incorporated into this years summer days by promoting “#shareacoke” on multiple social media platforms and encouraging consumers to show off their products.

This is what our account executives do - they're the brains behind our campaigns. They take a simple idea and create great campaigns - like the share a coke campaign. Big or small, our account execs are some of the brightest in the business. Not every campaign is as big or popular as #shareacoke, but if targeted to the right audience, every campaign can be a success. SBC has been in the middle of a few brain storm sessions for a couple of diferent client campaigns, so our account execs thought it would be fun to share their favorite campaign of the summer.

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