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Utilizing Social Media to Complete the Blog Experience

social media blogging

Dear Bloggers,

You have just cranked out a 400 word piece, featured some cool GIFs, made a unique list, and appear to have a hip blog. I'm here to tell you that your blog isn't hip just yet! Blogging without social media is sort of like eating french fries without ketchup. Sure it can still taste good, but who doesn't want maximal taste? In our case we're looking for maximal reach.

Post More and More and More

Depending on what your blog target audience is, could make a difference on which social media platform works best for it. Trial and error will be your best friend here. I would recommend posting every blog to every platform. There is a common Urban Legend that says you shouldn't over post content on your channels. The correct answer is that you shouldn't over post meaningless content. Engaging, relevant, and fun content can be posted and reposted! In fact Facebook will actually reward you for consistent posting of blog content as their algorithm will recognize you as an engaging page. Twitter allows you to have new eyes on each and every one of your posts. Don't ever limit your blog to a one time post.

Jedi Mind Tricks

Next you will likely be wondering how to guarantee your blog is seen by your followers. Unfortunately in the case of Facebook and Twitter, they will throttle your reach down if they see advertisement-like language. "Read more" is a common phrase bloggers use to cue people to their piece, and without money attached to the post organic reach will suffer. Before you consider boosting or promoting a post, first learn Jedi Mind Tricks. Explain what your post is as a question to converse. I also enjoy a fill in the blank, or a combination of hashtags that encourage responses. Let your picture, or link caption do the talking as well. Short and concise messaging without direct calls to action tend to work best. Click-Thru's dramatically increase when the reader wants to find out more and the organic filters are not throttled downward.

Open Up That Wallet

Now on to budgeting. As you may know by now, many posts on Facebook/Twitter pages just flat out don't get seen anymore. The over-saturation of users, and vast amount of companies fighting for attention have changed the game a lot in the last five years. Combat the lack of organic reach, by budgeting your blog. Fortunately for you social media advertising is quite the bang for the buck. For under $500 a month both platforms can guarantee thousands of eyes are laid onto your blog post. This number may sound big to some, but in comparison to TV, radio, and print advertising it runs relatively cheap for the quantity of people you reach. You will be able to target the demographic of people you want to engage with and track the amount of traction each post gets. This element will help you write better blogs and hopefully help you figure out what titles, keywords, and messaging works with your target audience. The amount of certainty you can get from social media analytics is certainly ideal.


If you utilize video for your posts it is almost like paying for it. Have you tried Vlogging? It isn't mainstream outside of YouTube, but with the emergence of FB Live and Periscope this is something to try and get ahead of. Just remember it took years for YouTube to become well YouTube.

Social media, content, and blogs are all an evolving science. What I tell you right now could change dramatically in just a few years. Staying ahead of the curve is the key. Average content with excellent social media practices can often supersede great content with limited social media reach. Evolve your strategies and don't stop learning!

This is a helpful link for me, an 11 item checklist for blogs featured on social media channels. Best of luck mixing and matching to create a blog that trends with the best of them!

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