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6 Time Management Hacks to Implement Now

Photo credit: Jigsawbox

Do you understand the concept of time? Do you often hear yourself saying you're a 'lost cause' when it comes to time management? Do you think learning how to manage your time is overwhelming?

Below are six hacks that can help you with your time management skills:

1. Learn to multi-task

You have a plate full of projects to tackle; learning how to improve your concentration will allow you to focus on multiple tasks at once.

2. Create a schedule

Creating a schedule for your daily tasks and obligations will help you not waste time and reduce stress in your day.

3. Set deadlines

If your boss or manager hasn't set deadlines for you, set them for yourself. This will help you keep on track and be more efficient in your work.

4. Work in time blocks

Don't get overwhelmed by your long to-do list. Instead, work in periods of 45-50 minutes and take a 10-15 minute break.

5. Live a healthy lifestyle

By eating healthy, well-balanced meals, drinking plenty of water, exercising and getting at least eight hours of sleep every night, you will remain energized throughout the day.

6. Learn to say no

It is okay to say no, in fact, it's important to learn when to turn down projects and not overcrowd your plate. Why carry unneeded stress? By saying no to projects, it gives you a chance to say yes to the things that matter.

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