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The Three C's at SBC

It's old news that we've moved, but it is new that we're taking on projects we haven't worked on before. It might seem slightly terrifying in the beginning, but it's exceptionally invigorating. Late nights at 218 have become a part of our routine to get our creativity flowing, dive into industry research and understand our client's competitors. The three C's we like to focus on are creativity, color and competition. It might sound boring to those of you who aren't familiar with the marketing industry, but at Studio Brand Collective, we simply can't get enough! It's extremely satisfying and rewarding to see the outcome of a client's newsletter or lunch menu - created by our talented design team - based on our research. At Studio Brand Collective, we have a dynamic ever-growing team that delves deeper into industry trends, competitors products and services and the marketplace to better serve our clients.

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