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Does Your Business Need A New Brand Identity?

A picture is worth a thousand words and so does your logo. “A logo is your business’s public face,” says Patrick Llewellyn, president and CEO of 99designs, a graphic design firm where business hold online contests to find new logos. If you are wondering if your brand needs a logo revamp, here are some signs to guide you:

1.Your logo does not adapt well to modern media

If your logo was designed over 10 years ago then it might not be optimized to work well on websites or social media platforms. Is your logo readable? Does it make an appealing button on a mobile app?

2.Your logo does not represent your current business

If you are selling candy but have cars in the logo, then that definitely needs to be changed. Brands change overtime and what you were selling years ago might not be what you are currently selling. Your logo should be aspirational and capture what your brand is today and where you are headed in the future.

3.Your logo was a do-it-yourself project

Was your logo hand-drawn and scanned to the computer or did a friend create it? Then maybe its time for a professional to come help your brand. If your brand is not receiving compliments on your logo, then you definitely need to change it.

4.Your logo isn’t as appealing as your competitor’s

Take a look at your competitors logo designs, if their logo is more appealing then that is a good indicator to change your logo.

5. Your logo is too complex

Logos with all kinds of design effects, shadows, underlines, and gradients can be overwhelming for people and not very pleasant to the eye. Choose a simple logo design that uses up to 3 colors and keep it simple.

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