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Why Real Website Development Makes a Difference

website development

Everyone knows that their business needs a website. That’s simply how commerce works these days: When someone decides that they might need a new product or service, the first thing they do is go online. If your business doesn’t have a website that establishes credibility and gives your potential customers an accurate view of your unique selling points, then your business might as well not exist.

Not all websites are created equal, however. It’s not enough for your business’ website to merely be functional or informative. Websites that actually help deliver business must speak to your organization’s identity, communicate what you do best, and positively distinguish you from others in your field. Think of it a bit like a profile on a dating app: Your website should present your organization’s “best self” to world.

That’s why it’s always best to put your website in the hands of the professionals. When businesses try to build websites on a budget (or more likely, no budget), they typically get what they pay for. Often, these websites end up ugly, abandoned, and all but useless just months after they go online. Sometimes, businesses are too embarrassed even to send potential customers or clients to their crummy website. (Sound familiar?) Other times, organizations simply need an update to their website to keep up with the latest technology, design trends, or security requirements. How does your website look on your smartphone browser?

Identifying exactly what your new website needs to do is the first priority of Web development at Studio Brand Collective. If your organization already has a website, our talented team of digital creatives takes a deep look at key performance metrics to gauge its health and effectiveness, including unique visitor traffic, average bounce rate, and search conversion. These numbers give us an idea of where performance must improve to achieve your goals.

Whether you already have a website or not, SBC’s award-winning design team is standing by to ensure that your new website will reflect the best possible image of your brand while providing a silk-smooth user experience. Great design is essential to creating a functional marketing tool, and we’ll walk you through every step of the design process for your new site, beginning with the homepage.

Through careful evaluation of both analytics and design, we’re able to build lead-generating websites that are content-rich, search-optimized, and user-responsive. Best of all, we’ll even provide a tutorial on how to update your new WordPress site yourself, in-house. You’ll never be trapped with a useless, outdated website again.

If you’re ready to boost your organization’s Web presence, convert more traffic to sales, or just replace an ugly, old website, call Studio Brand Collective today at (713) 863-1141. We’re standing by to conduct a FREE website audit that will tell you everything you know about how your current website is performing and what needs to happen to achieve the online results you want. There’s no obligation—we’ll simply send you our report. If you’d prefer to see some of our best work first, check out our website portfolio by clicking here!

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