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The Importance of Twitter for Businesses

twitter for business

Companies are constantly being advised that they should have a social presence. While most companies seem to have a Facebook page they miss out on the importance of Twitter and all the magical things this social platform can do. According to Sprout Social, there are 1.49 billion monthly active users on Facebook while Twitter has an estimated 316 million monthly users. Twitter does trail in users, but makes up for it in different ways. 49 percent of monthly users on Twitter follow brands or companies compared to the other social platforms that have 16 percent following brands or companies. Twitters users are typically under 40 years old, whereas older users prefer the simplicity of Facebook. As far as functionality users get on Twitter to see what’s current and follow along with the action as its happening. Facebook, on the other hand, is primarily used to engage with your friends and family. Twitter, is an easy way to connect with people and brands that you don’t know while staying current with what’s trending.

Here are five reasons why your business should be on Twitter:

1. Connecting is vital.

All businesses strive to connect with their customers. Phone-to-phone communication is dying, and Twitter is a fast and efficient way to connect online. Connecting with your customers via Twitter is a way to truly understand what they think of the company and/or product. A lot of consumers use Twitter as a way to inform the company of something they were impressed with or a way to inform them if something went wrong. Either way, Twitter is a faster way to connect with your followers.

2. Free social media marketing.

Creating a Twitter account is easy, and better yet, using Twitter and tweeting to your audience is FREE. The 140 limit character count is a great way to limit content and get right to the point you are trying to make. The more creative you get with curating content, the more successful you’ll on Twitter.

3. Keep your customers posted.

Twitter is a great platform to inform your customers about what’s going on today—right now. Sales daily promotions should be posted to inform your consumers. Also, rewarding your consumers by retweeting their posts is a great way to increase engagement.

4. Marketing as a tool.

Twitter can be a wonderful tool if used correctly. Twitter marketing allows your business to reach beyond your followers. Your business can reach new heights of success if you are willing to put in some Tweets and market correctly. Promoting your product/products via Twitter will be an easy way to reach an audience without any distance barriers.

5. Potential increase in sales.

According to a survey done by Constant Contact, 60 percent of a brand’s Twitter followers are likely to perform purchases after following the business. With that being said, it’s vital to use this platform to increase sales, which is more important than any factor in a business.

Being an active user on Twitter can benefit you in a numerous amount of ways. Having a Twitter account isn’t about being social, it’s about having a strategy to get a clear message across to your users. Twitter is a free service that can help your business gain a social media presence while marketing your product.

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