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The Simple Do’s and Don’ts of Photoshop

Let’s be real, Photoshop is almost like magic… almost… but we don’t want to fall into the “big Photoshop fails” list so here are our top 5 professional suggestions when using Photoshop:

1. DO color correction and play with levels, contrast, and saturation, but DO NOT overuse filters because they can make your images look too much like Instagram, instead create your

own filters!

2. DO play plastic surgeon and dentist to enhance a model, but DO NOT play Frankenstein. It’s always best to grab samples of skin and other things from the same model, not some someone else because we don’t want to be deceiving nor do we want to offend anyone.

3. DO use effects tastefully and in minimal ways, but DO NOT go overboard with them. If you want great design you have to put in the time an effort to apply effects thoughtfully and strategically, and make sure to modify the default settings.

4. DO transform objects to give them the perspective you want, but DO NOT stretch your objects, it is simply an amateur move that will make your photographs and designs look, well, amateur.

5. DO have fun with Photoshop and explore everything it has to offer to enhance images, but DO NOT use it just for pictures… there is so much more to it!

Photoshop is such a complex program that we’ll never stop learning the infinite options it has to offer, so never forget to surf the web for tutorials and inspiration, like Photoshop Tutorials and Phlearn in YouTube. We hope you enjoy every move you make!

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