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3 Ways to Recruit and Retain Highly Motivated Employees

Recruiting and retaining highly motivated candidates can be a challenge, but it’s one your organization can’t afford to ignore. Motivated, engaged employees are key to the success of any business. Are you unsure if you’re finding and retaining the best candidates? If you use these three items when looking for your next hire, you will find yourself much closer to getting your next Rock Star.

1. Be Crystal Clear

The first thing that all hiring managers need to do when recruiting any candidate is establish a clear understanding of what criteria you will need your candidate to meet. This starts with a well-defined job description that breaks down key performance indicators for the position. There are always job-specific traits that,if a candidate possesses them, he or she can be successful. However, success isn’t just based on skills possessed at the time of hire. Each hiring manager need to determine if a candidate is teachable, as well. An eagerness to learn is crucial, here.

2. Dig Deeper

Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions during the interview phase. In this day and age, the resources for candidates are limitless. With access to these items, individuals are able to prep for questions and provide you with award-winning answers. That means you need to learn how to ask the right questions to get the actual answer you are seeking. Many recruiters have now switched to scenario-based questions, which allow you to see a candidate’s thought process and general frame of mind through their response. Also, when interviewing a candidate, pay attention to body language and tone of voice when they’re answering questions for added insight.

3. Promote from Within

Remember when hiring that it is always in your best interest to start from within your company. This will allow you to save time and other valuable resources when you promote from within. If you are able to find an internal candidate to fill a job opening, it allows you to leave out all the guesswork. You will already know this candidate’s work habits, strengths and weaknesses, drive, and motivation. This also showcases your company’s value of rewarding your employees’ hard work and efforts to other internal staff members, encouraging increased retention.

Great hires can take your company to the next level, while mediocre hires can cause long-lasting headaches. Always do your due diligence. Happy recruiting!

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