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Marketing In A Snap

Many see Snapchat as a fast and entertaining way to interact with friends and family from their mobile device. They can send goofy photos and videos, give their followers a good laugh and let the photo evidence disappear in mere seconds. What many people don’t realize is the marketing potential of Snapchat that is just waiting to be unleashed. Here is some advice and tips to help get your businesses noticed on Snapchat:

  • Keep it casual: Overall, Snapchat is a relaxed and informal social media platform. People typically use it for fun, not to document professional behavior, so keep ideas for your business’s Snapchats personable and friendly. Use easy-to-understand language and don’t hesitate to incorporate the drawing function to add silly edits to photos.

  • Follow other businesses: Follow the accounts of other businesses to see how they are using Snapchat and interacting with their followers. From ticket giveaways, to sending out coupons via Snapchat, there are plenty of ways to get followers to engage with your business on this platform.

  • Use the time limit in your favor: The time restraint of Snapchat may seem like a weakness, but it can be used as way to build excitement up if you are teasing new product, event or promotion. Tease your followers and have them sitting on the edge of their seat by the time you send out a big announcement.

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