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When Too Much Hype Can Ruin A Product Launch

Sometimes building too much hype about a new and innovative product launch back backfire. When marketing the release of a product that is cutting edge, make sure the general public understands it because excitement can fade, and if the market can't make sense of your product, your launch will fail.

It's easy to stir up excitement over a highly innovative product - if it's new and shiny, consumers will be interested. However, these positive feelings can quickly change to anxiety if they don't understand everything the product does. Even restaurants have this problem, so that's why the majority of fine dining restaurants have soft openings. It a tough line to walk, but business are going to have to start balancing the right amount of hype without overwhelming their audience. This goes against the modern practice of creating as much buzz as possible of a shiny new product/service/establishment, but sometimes less is more.

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