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Having Clients Outside Of Your City Base

We've had our hands full these past few weeks signing new clients, working on social and brand strategies, implementing campaigns as well as designing websites for many of our clients. Things can get hard to handle sometimes, but throw in having a client in another city, and things can get twice as hard! Don't get us wrong, we are honored we have the opportunity to work with clients in other cities!

It's easier to have steady contacts (media or otherwise) in the city your company is based in for obvious reasons. We're in the process of gathering portfolio photos and press releases to launch the re-brand of a client in Chicago. To top all this off, we are also planning an event for this client as well. Working on logistics for an event and trying to pitch to press we don't already have a relationship with can get tricky, so we made a game plan. Not only have we been in contact via email and phone calls with the vendors of the event, but we have also made appointments with a few of the major media players in Chicago while we are there for the event. Of course all the contacts we meet will be invited for lunch and to the event as well - that's what this field is all about: establishing and keeping relationships strong.

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