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SBC Behind the Scenes

Working with creative, unique, opinionated, successful businesses owners, designers, writers, men and women is the highlight of our jobs. Everyday our team members are able to hear the thoughts of fellow colleagues and clients, which echo brilliance and resonate creativity. Regularly, we are reminded that we are students in this office -- learning what it means to strategically design a brand and advertise it well in a constantly changing market.

Here at Studio Brand Collective, daily, we evaluate analytics and readjust strategy, which readjusts EVERYTHING else. The cycle is monotonous and tedious. Analyzing the story data creates can be boring and a part of the daily grind, but it isn't here. Why? Because, we are surrounded by intelligent individuals who make boring stories into interesting and exciting ones. We analyze the variables, target the "problems" and make really great stories for the brands we represent. Funnily enough, we believe the steps for creating a great brand are similar to creating a great life -- you have to begin with knowing your skills, knowing the needs of those around you, defining goals that help others, pursuing them with people you like and reevaluate when needed. Repeat.

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