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Tailor Your Social Media

From a creative's perspective, the idea behind any social media platform is to share thoughts, projects and samples of work they are proud of. The easiest way to gain recognition of your brand is to tailor your social media based on what you are interested in. Take advantage of social media platforms that are relevant to your type of business!

Instagram accounts are fantastic for photographers for obvious reasons. Show off your photography skills through various filters, angles and photos you choose to upload. Blogs are great for writers, but specifically Tumblr. It's easy to gain follwers and traction on Tumblr. Many authors and big businesses have blogs on Tumblr because there is a connection by users and followers that is more personable than other blog platforms. YouTube can be used by filmatographers to help get their videos viral. Use your Twitter account to connect all your posts on other platforms together. It's the fastest way to share your creative ideas.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a celebrity, people want to see more videos and pictures from behind the scenes. It makes consumers feel connected to you on a more personable level.

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