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Holiday Marketing Tips for Houston Businesses

Tis’ the season to kick your digital marketing game up a notch. That’s how that carol goes, right?

The holidays can be a special time filled with visiting loved ones, giving back, and enjoying delicious food. The festive season can also be very loud. While some companies do an awesome job of pulling at your heartstrings and putting you in the holiday spirit, it can still often feel like promotions and discounts are being pelted at you from every angle. So as a business, how do you ensure that you are heard, instead of being just another voice in the crowd? Follow these three easy steps, even late into the holiday season, and your business will be spreading holiday cheer while also staying at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

1. Interact! Get your customer involved in a fun and unique way. Create a two-way conversation emphasizing what everyone loves about the holidays.


• Host an ugly Christmas sweater contest on your social media platforms, then re-post your favorites to keep the buzz going.

• Ask your customers to share what the holidays mean to them, and have them utilize a holiday-themed hashtag that relates back to your business.

2. Make your message about the experience. When families get together, it’s often easy to feel like you are being told what to do constantly. Instead of telling your online followers what they need to be doing or buying, create a breath of fresh air through your messaging: Remind them of the values that bring people together throughout the holiday season. Focus on what makes this time of year magical for you, and try to share that magic.


• Share a good deed that was done by you or a colleague, then encourage others to pass it on and spread the good cheer. This will reinforce the idea that you are a good company and you care about the general well-being of others.

3. Get involved with the community. What local holiday events are happening around you? Put a face to your business and work to get team members out and involved with whatever may be going on nearby. Document the fun you’re having and share online.


• Find a charitable drive that you can contribute to. Keep a box of donations at the front of your office and encourage others to stop by and participate.

• Attend a holiday lights event and take pictures of team members enjoying themselves. Share your location or the event hashtag to loop others in on where you were and who you are.

These three easy tips will hold you over throughout the rest of 2017: Interact, create an experience, and get involved. When the new year rolls around and you’re ready for more digital marketing tips, we’ll be here. Call Studio Brand Collective at (713) 863-1141 for a free consultation.

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