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Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategies for Getting More Followers

social media marketing strategy for followers

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? If you’re like me, you check your phone, check your email, and of course, browse through your favorite social media platforms. Social media has become ingrained in most of our daily lives. Even if you do not use social media daily, your customers do, and social media offers an effective, cost-efficient way to reach them.

Most business already have a Facebook page, Twitter page, or an Instagram account, but struggle with low numbers of followers and, consequently, low engagement. These numbers are extremely important—oftentimes, the amount of followers you have is used by visitors to determine if your business is legit and trustworthy. In our increasingly digital world, understanding the importance of followers to each social platform is essential to building successful social media marketing campaigns designed to expand your business. The more followers you have, the more people you can reach.

Studio Brand Collective is here to help! We work with Houston-area businesses every day to execute campaigns that grow social media followings. Here are five ways that any business can attract more social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms.

1. Post relevant, engaging content consistently.

There are a few social strategies to gaining followers and keeping them. This includes to create, post, and engage on a daily basis. Post enough to remain relevant, but not five times a day—that might get you an unfollow.

2. Engage with industry influencers on all social platforms.

Engaging with your customers is key, but engaging with people in your industry is also vital. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you’re going to want to engage with food bloggers so that they can become familiar with your business and inform the social community. Industry influencers are extremely important; you will need a little research for this and SBC would love to help.

3. Use hashtags.

Also known as the pound sign (#), the main function of the hashtag is for your post to become easily found. For instance, if you #WorldSeries or #Astros you and the other people using that hashtag will be in the same pool. So, if someone searches the topic of the hashtag, thousands of posts will appear. Facebook and Twitter users use hashtags, but are limited to two. Instagram, on the other hand, accepts up to 30 hashtags per post. Use hashtags that are relevant to your business and what’s trending.

4. Hold contests.

Who doesn’t love a contest? Holding contests on social media platforms is quick and easy, and all business have to do is simply have a promotion, a post, and instructions. For example, if you want to get customers on a slow day, hold a contest. A simple contest can include posting an image to your page and encouraging your followers to like, repost, or share the image in order to claim a prize or reward. Doing this allows your image to reach thousands of people and eventfully increase your ROI.

5. Utilize social media advertising.

If your company is not using social media advertising, there is a chance your posts on your social platforms are not being seen by the customers you need. Incorporating social media advertising will allow your business to reach your target audience and other users. There are numerous ads that will help drive traffic to your social platform or your website. Social media advertising doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money—a couple hundred dollars a month will increase awareness and can increase your followers.

Having social platforms and posting occasionally used to be all that you needed for your business, but now with the high social media traffic and competition, your company has to incorporate these strategies to maintain your followers and increase traffic to your social platform. Allow the social media pros to take care of this for you. Contact us today for a social media audit!

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