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The Best Holiday Attractions in the Houston Area

Looking to go above and beyond with your Christmas lights voyages this holiday season? Fortunately for you, Houston offers a variety of paid holiday attractions that can entertain the young and old alike!

1. Moody Garden’s Festival of Lights

Holiday Attractions Houston

Going to the beach in December? Probably not, but Moody Garden’s Festival of Lights should be enough to draw you out to Galveston. This festival has become a staple for Houstonians and those across the southern regions of Texas. With more than one million lights, 100 sound-enhances animated light displays and nightly live entertainment, this walkthrough creates a mind-blowing experience. If you have someone that needs a little Christmas spirit in their life, this is the festival for them. At $10.95 a person, you won’t break the bank either.

2. Zoo Lights

Holiday Attractions Houston

How would you get someone to visit the Zoo during cold and rainy weather? Why not decorate the Houston Zoo with elaborate lighting for the whole family! Located in the heart of Houston, the Houston Zoo has prospered in recent years by mixing their lighting displays with animal attractions. The originality of this concept has landed the Houston Zoo on many local publications as one of the top lighting displays in the state of Texas. Comprised of over two million lights, this is the lengthiest display you will find in the Houston metro area. Tickets vary from $9.95 to $14.95 depending on the day you visit the attraction.

3. Magical Winter Lights

Holiday Attractions Houston

Magical Winter Lights is one of Houston’s newest additions to the holiday light competition! The festival made its debut last year at Sam Houston Race Park, and has moved in 2016 to Gulf Greyhound Park, located in La Marque. For many this is en route to Galveston, making this event a direct competitor of Moody Garden’s Festival of Lights. When it comes to theming, the Magical Winter Lights display offers the greatest variation of themes. From beautifully lit Landmarks of the World, to Mystery of the East, this tour of lights will take you from Europe to Asia to South America. They even have dinosaurs! In total the event features 100 various scenes that all tell a very heartwarming holiday story. The Magical Winter Lights are the priciest of the bunch with tickets listed at $20 a person and can be bought as a four pack for $74. Don’t let that scare you away, this elaborate event is well worth it!

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