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5 Essential Programs for Every Designer

design programs

Whether you are a designer or a newbie designer staying up to date with current market trends and software is key to this growing digital industry. With this being said, it is important not to follow trends for trends sake, but it is essential to know what is possible as well as what to sidestep from in this growing industry. Not all tools are favorable to designers, some can be more of a nuisance rather than a friend. Here are our top five programs that we love and use on a daily basis to create the work we aspire from.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud – From Photoshop to Illustrator no program here is not looked into. While we may not use all programs in Creative Cloud it is still good to have common knowledge in them. Here at SBC we try to keep up do date with all new programs and features in CC, as these programs are always updating and changing to best benefit designers and artist alike. New techniques and tools are always implemented in CC to know them all would be challenge, but in never hurts to watch tutorials on how to use and do new techniques, especially if it will help get the job done. By following current blogs and adobe itself you will be able to keep up with the most recent tutorials and techniques that are currently out there for these programs.

2. FontExplorer X Pro – A font management system is always a great tool to organize and find all your fonts. Especially when there are too many to count.

3. Pandora – Who doesn’t love to listen to their favorite station while working.

4. Microsoft Office – While it is nowhere near a favorite program it is still a necessity.

5. Shutterstock – A great site for stock imagery.

He at SBC we love to create new and inventive designs that would benefit our clients. Take a look at our portfolio here to look into some of the work we have done in the past.

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