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A Day In The Life: Account Manager Edition

Being an account manager is not all talk and strategy. There’s no such thing as a “typical day” because it varies depending on client meetings and last-minute deliverables. But if I had to break it down, here’s rough look into a day in the life of an account manager:

Morning – Mental preparation. To-Do list writing. Coffee consummation. Get on ProofHub, Work Email, and Sendible (at all time). Breakfast consummation (aka French Toast Crunch).

Afternoon - Social media reporting. Who’s saying what? What are we saying? What are they saying? Who’s engaging? Have we followed anyone? Has anyone followed us?

Check in with design. What’s the status? Can we bombard them with more questions and comments?

Client meetings, maybe. Sneak a snack before client meetings, maybe.

Late Afternoon - Arguably lunchtime, depending on whether or not we have another client meeting.

Post Meeting-time – Internal meetings, check in with design (again), write meeting notes, make calendars, update Punchlists.

All day, every day. – Check email, process email, and reply to email.

Throughout the day, you’ll find us scooping French Toast Crunch by the handfuls, opening a Coke for a caffeine boost, and reviewing deliverables. The life of an account manager, what a trip.

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