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TBT: Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

In preparation for Super Bowl 2015, we're throwing it back to 2014. Last year's Super Bowl blowout left the audience clamoring for entertainment, and last year they did not disappointment. Here are our Top 3 commercials from the 2014 Super Bowl:

1. Radio Shack: We love it when a company can poke a little fun at itself, and that's exactly what Radio Shack did. The 80's called...and they said that the commercial was "way cool." Relive the 80's by watching the commercial:

2. Oikos: Call us sentimental, but this Full House mini-reunion caught us by surprise and left us laughing for the rest of the night!

3. Budweiser "Best Buds:" Budweiser stole our hearts with this one. Initially, a commercial was released early online, and by the time the full spot played, everyone was itching with anticipation. The combination of the classic Budweiser Clydesdals, cute lab puppy, and story of friendship left everyone reaching for a Bud and toasting to their best friend.

Share with us your favorites from 2014, and stay tuned for when we preview some of the 2015 Super Bowl commercials!

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