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Finding Creative Inspiration

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Do you need creative inspiration because you’re in a rut? It happens to all of us, but here are few tips that might fulfill your creative block:


Drive to a park or beach and walk the trail. Visit zoos, planetariums, nature centers. Read books and watch films about science and nature. There's nothing like seeing a little greenery and getting some fresh air.


Music is one of our favorite ways to get creatively inspired. Make a playlist that captures specific characteristics, descriptions and feelings.


Step outside to study buildings you pass by every day and look at the details. Take architectural tours of your hometown and in in cities you visit.

Ordinary objects

Pause and look at the little things around you that are ignored most days. What’s on your shelf? In your kitchen? Around your workspace?

The way you find creative inspiration is personal and different for everyone, how do you look for creative inspiration?

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