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5 Questions Every Marketing Coordinator in Houston Should Ask Them self

Creating a marketing campaign for your business is easy to do, but difficult to do successfully. In order to give yourself the best chance of a high return on investment, it’s important to keep all of your marketing bases covered. That’s why Studio Brand Collective always ensures that the following questions are answered before we move forward with a marketing campaign for a client. As Houston’s best agency for digital + design, we advise businesses and entrepreneurs across many different industries in the Houston area on the best way to implement a successful marketing strategy. Here are the questions we ask first:

Are you networking?

When you have done a good job, your customers or clients will turn into your representatives, right? If you don’t go out and market yourself either online or offline (preferably both), how can you expect any potential customers to know or care about your existence? It can also help if you collaborate with other professionals in your field. This will not only just help you gain customers, but also attain new insights into how to be more efficient at what you do.

Networking is a good way to build your influence, but keep in mind that if you are looking in the wrong places, you will only be wasting your time. That means that instead of networking at general-type events, it would be more beneficial for you to network within industry-related events in order to find the right clients.

Are you consistent?

Any marketing campaign can become a success when it is consistent. A good introductory discussion about potential customers is whether or not you follow up with them. That is kind of like getting a coupon for free money and then never cashing it in. It just does not make any sense. Numerous opportunities are lost every day because individuals lack consistent follow-ups within their network of previous and potential customers. You need to leverage your contacts, but do not ever forget that it is a two-way street. When a contact needs your help, be quick and efficient about it, or direct them to another contact that will be able to help them. With all of this in mind, you can build a reliable brand for yourself and increase your customer base by always making positive discussions through email, online networking, or word of mouth.

Do you have anything unique to offer?

This is one question that I always ask potential clients. What is your unique selling point? What makes you different from everyone else? In today’s world, it is necessary for you to stand out from the competition because the competition likely offers the same basic service and skills. You have to give potential customers a reason why they should choose you or your product over everyone else. Unless you attract attention and have something more valuable to offer, you will never get the customers and the referrals that you want. You can also add value to yourself not just by offering something unique, but also in the way you build your relationships with your customers. Being a likable person is always an undersold quality. People are always more understanding and easier to work with if they like you. Also providing a sense of security in your services can be a key element in this relationship because trust is always a make-or-break kind of thing. This means stick to your word, and be able to deliver on everything that you sell them.

Do you have a weak online presence?

You are on LinkedIn right? There are many social platforms through which you can market, but I would definitely recommend LinkedIn for B2B businesses and salespeople, in particular. Be sure to always keep your online presence up to date, though, because you never know when a potential client could be looking at your profile. Also for those in a design related field. You do have an updated portfolio somewhere online don’t you. If not there are many free platforms out there to get your work to the public. Here is a link to an article that discusses some of these sites.

Have you have stopped arming yourself?

You are only as good as your last product or project, and there are always more things to learn. There are always new technologies, tools, and strategies that are developed regularly. You have to stay on top of your game if you want to achieve anything great. So if you do not take the time to keep yourself in up to date with these new technologies, trends, and tools, you are driving yourself to extinction. You have to take the time to learn and improve your skill set, so you can add more value to yourself.

One last caveat.

I cannot stress enough that it takes constant practice, sacrifice and investment to build a steady flow of customers or clients. You can learn more through building your knowledge, and really putting money where value is given. For this reason, think about hiring the pros to help. Studio Brand Collective helps clients across the Greater Houston Area with marketing strategies and projects large and small. Contact us today for a free audit of your marketing initiatives and we’ll tell you how to improve on what you’re doing with no obligation.

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