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Pokémon Go Houston Hotspots!

Every street you turn it feels as if people young and old are glued to their phones, exclaiming that they “caught one”. With more than 75 million downloads, more unique visitors per day than Facebook, and the number one app in 100 markets it feels as if the whole world has been taken over by Pokémon Go. Are you new to the Pokémon Go pandemonium? Having trouble catching anything but Rattatas or Pidgeys? Finding the best Pokéstops and lures can be challenging to new users. Even though there are a couple of lucky Pokéstops in the most random places (hole in the wall bars who now have booming business advertising charmanders), there a few spots to hit in the Houston area that will set you apart from your friends.

1. Discovery Green

Here is a fair warning, people will hate you. Discovery Green is probably the one Pokestop haven that will warrant judgmental glances from people simply trying to enjoy their meals.Try not to become a zombie trying to catch them all instead of catching brains.

2. Herman Park and Memorial Park

It’s almost a given that parks would be a Pokestop, but the Memorial Park crowd becomes almost communal in its quest. No matter if you're team Mystic, Instinct, or Valour it has a way of brining everyone together

3. Museums: Houston Museum of Natural Science, Menil Collection, Etc

Maybe this was the creator’s way of making kids experience culture. But who wouldn’t want to catch two Pidgey with one stone?

4. Joining the “Pokémon Go: Houston Community” Facebook Page

This is the easiest way to find obscure spots both inside and outside the loop you might not hear about any other way. It is a great way to rep and meet other players from your team.

Remember to always be safe on your Poké quests and visit these public locations during the day!

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