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5 Tips for a Holly Jolly-day E-blast

‘Tis the season for marketing and promotions! Since we live in the age of technology, one of the most effective ways to reach your intended audience is through an e-blast. In fact, earlier in 2015, Salesforce Marketing Cloud released statistics showing that “73% of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business.” Numbers don’t lie! During the busiest season of the year, it’s imperative that you have the right tactics in place. This will prevent your e-blast from getting lost in the digital chimney that is your inbox.

1. Cell Phones We Have Heard on High

Everyone is on mobile these days! Our mobile devices have become our lifelines. Offering call, text, email, internet, music, camera, games and more, it’s understandable why! You don’t want to neglect the desktop format, however it’s more than likely that your consumers will be viewing your e-blast on their tablet or mobile device. When designing your blasts, check different template options to ensure your design is mobile-friendly. Send test emails to your personal email, make sure the fonts are easily readable and ensure that your message is easy to decipher.

2. Personalization is Coming to Town

E-blasts are sent to the masses. The more personal and relatable your content is, the better your chances to get the email seen and consumed. You’ll want to set your demographic to mesh well with whatever you are promoting and sprinkle in your subscribers’ names! This will keep them from feeling like they are one of the many.

3. Deck your e-blast content with holiday cheer

You not only want to promote your campaign, but you also want your subscribers to be engrossed by your content! Filling the body of your content with holiday fun will bring more attention to your e-blast, making your viewers want more! Adding in eye-catching deals, calls-to-action messages, last minute discounts or incentives for your subscribers will ensure an engaged reader.

4. Don’t let your e-blasts land on the naughty list

Many e-mails are cycled into inboxes, so oftentimes emails are ignored or even shoved to junk mail. Try using plain text, don’t include attachments, check your sender score and avoid the common-knowledge spam triggers!

5. O Holy Title

Your e-blast’s subject line decides all – will your subscribers open it? According to Campaign Monitor, “about 33% of subscribers decide whether or not to open your email based on the subject line alone.” Therefore, your subject line is the most important element of your e-blast. Create a holiday-filled holly jolly title, and your subscribers will HAVE to open your email.

E-blasts can be tricky. They often slip through the cracks, remaining unopened or immediately placed into the trash bin, particularly when inboxes are constantly being flooded with holiday deals. These 5 tips can help bring holiday cheer to all of your subscribers. Looking for more holiday tips and tricks? Find us on Twitter!

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