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5 Best Landing Page Content Ideas

Offering content behind a landing page is an effective and proven approach to gain email leads. By gathering user’s email information, you will be able to market to your potential customers in email campaigns. Email campaigns are an important component of inbound marketing and perfect for those customers who aren’t yet ready to buy from your company, but are interested in it’s products or services.

How exactly does all of this work? By placing offers or downloadable content behind a landing page, users will leave their information in exchange for the content offered. Once a user submits their information, they’ll be directed to a “Thank You” page where they can then download or view the promised content. You’ll have a new email lead and they’ll have a positive experience with your company. Below are SBC’s favorite (and most effective!) content ideas for landing pages.

  1. eBooks eBooks are first on our list, because they offer multiple benefits. Not only will they help you capture email leads, but they also educate your customer. By educating them, you are demonstrating credibility, thereby positioning your brand as a leader in the industry.

  2. Giveaways Giveaways are a straightforward and fun way to obtain new leads. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Offer a chance to win a prize and you’ll see the leads roll in. Simple? Check. Effective? Double check. Prizes could be tickets to a local event, a product related to your industry or even a monetary reward in the form of a gift card!

  3. Demos & Trials Demos and trials are a great way to show potential clients who you are and what you do. Do you sell products? Offer a free trial size. Do you sell services? Give users a free consultation or trial period. Think of an avenue you can utilize to demo your business, and offer it to those interested.

  4. Guides Guides can be as in depth or as short-and-sweet as you’d like. The ultimate goal of a guide is to lead or advise a user on how to do something new. If you’re in marketing, for instance, you could produce a “How to Write Effective Blogs” guide. Just be sure to include step by step instructions for ultimate user experience.

  5. Videos People love visual content, and what’s more visual than a video? Offer video interviews, how-to’s, walkthroughs or any type of video content that makes sense for your business. This will incentivize your user to leave their information and engage them with your brand. People are more likely to remember what they watched versus what they have read.

So how do you decide which of these to use for your business? First, you’ll want to ensure the content makes sense for your company and would be beneficial to your audience. Then, test and measure! The best way to truly understand what works with your audience is to try a few out options and measure the results. Which content offer received the most downloads? Which content offer received the most buzz on social media? Answering these questions will likely guide you in creating future content.

It's important to note that you can put almost anything behind a landing page, so get creative! Want to give these landing page content ideas a try but don't have the time or resources? Give us a shout! We'd be happy to help you with your next project.

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