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Social Media No-Nos

At Studio Brand Collective, we’re no strangers to social media! Many of our campaigns and strategies revolve around social media marketing. Even our personal lives revolve around tweets, posts and filtered snaps. Did you know that 74% of Internet users are on social media?

With so many active social media users, it’s important to be mindful of what and when we’re posting. Whether you’re posting for your personal account or a client’s account, here are four social media no-nos you should never commit:


There’s not an exact equation to use when calculating how often you should post on social media, but there are a few general rules. For Facebook, posting once or twice daily is recommended. On Twitter, tweeting four or five times throughout the day is also fine. You never want to overshare and annoy your audience.

Lack of originality

Your brand is unique, so treat your social accounts as such! Establish your brand’s tone and make sure your content is a reflection of that. Reposting content is good from time to time, but remember to share your original content too.

Not engaging

Social media is all about engaging with other users. If someone comments on your post or tweets you back, say hello! Be a part of the conversation.

Treating all platforms equally

This is one of the biggest no-nos you could commit. Each social platform has distinctive characteristics that make them unique. Not utilizing those unique features could be detrimental to getting your message out there. Take advantage of the tagging feature on Facebook or hashtags and GIFs on Twitter.

Social media marketing plays a major role in the success of a brand. Remember: share wisely, be original, engage and acknowledge the unique characteristics of each platform.

Want to see how we keep our social accounts stylin’ and profilin’? Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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