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Must-Haves for Every PR Girl

PR professionals and enthusiasts agree that sometimes things get pretty hectic in their field. There could be times when Wednesday feels like Monday for an ultimate low and there could be days where Thursday feels like Friday for an ultimate high, which is why PR professionals and enthusiasts must be prepared and well-organized for ANYTHING that could arise or take a turn for the worse.

Our Press Team created a list of ultimate must-haves that can help other PR professionals and enthusiasts stay prepared and organized:

1. A To-Do List: This will be your best friend throughout your career. Keep track of your daily tasks and other items you need to accomplish for the week and highlight the tasks that take priority.

2. Water/Coffee: PR professionals spend most of their days running around, whether they are speaking with clients or preparing for last minute details of an event. It is important to stay hydrated throughout these long days.

3. Calendar: Your calendar is your to-do list in chart form. Having this allows you to keep up with what is going on with your clients, whether it is an event or special promotion they are running. Calendars also allow you to keep reminders for meetings, deadlines and personal events.

4. Sticky Notes: The desks and computers of PR professionals and enthusiasts are usually filled with sticky notes in a variety of colors. These are key to have on hand for notes or reminders.

5. Snacks: There are times when back-to-back meetings take up the entire day. There usually isn’t much time to eat a full lunch, so you find yourself eating in between meetings or eating an earlier lunch causing a hunger attack before the workday is over. Whatever the case may be, it is imperative to have snacks to cure your 4 p.m. craving!

6. Notebooks/Pens: There will be a lot of meeting and phone conferences, and each time it is important to have a notebook and pen handy to take notes. You never want to rely on remembering key details and dates without having them written down on paper.

These are just a handful of items that get us through the day. What are some of your must-have items for your desk? Join in on the conversation with us on Twitter: @StudioBrandC

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