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All Apps, All The Time: Three Apps We Can't Get Enough Of

Life today revolves around apps. There seems to be a million different apps for every aspect of your day. There are apps to help you organize you day, track your workouts, find the nearest gas station, and catch up on the latest tends and celebrity gossip. At Studio Brand, we love our apps! Here are a few that we use everyday at the office to help keep us organized, connected, and motivated.


Proofhub - Proofhub is our life line. We use it daily to help us organize and schedule each of our client’s deliverables, as well as track what we have completed and what we have due that day. The interactive and user-friendly layout allows both the design and account department to be in tune with each other as projects move forward.


DropBox - In a company, big or small, file sharing between multiple computers can be frustrating and cause problems. At Studio Brand Collective, we use DropBox as our virtual document library. Each of us are able to access documents with ease without having to send an email with numerous attachments. Additionally, DropBox allows us to share documents with our clients (and vise versa) in a swift and efficient manner.


Pandora - Let’s face it, sitting in a quiet office can be boring and leave you unmotivated. Pandora fills our office with music and gets each of us pumped and inspired to create the best material for our clients. Whether it’s the latest hits by Beyoncé/Avicii/Alt-J/Justin Timberlake or celebrating Throwback Thursday with the best of the 90’s (Spice Girls/Nirvana/MC Hammer), we can’t go a day without Pandora!

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