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Definition of Rebranding From An SBC Designer

At SBC we specialize in restaurant branding, and the new Olive Garden logo has definitely won our seal of approval. Established in 1982, Olive Garden is a chain of fast casual dining of Italian-American cuisine, famous for its endless supply of bread sticks (and salad) during the meal and infamous for serving subpar food in cookie-cutter, generic, faux-Italian settings. There are more than 800 Olive Gardens around the world; the large majority in the U.S. but locations ranges from Mexico to Canada to Kuwait. Olive Garden is owned by Darden Restaurants, who own a total of 2,100 restaurants that also include Red Lobster and LongHorn steakhouse.

In an investor presentation this month, Darden announced that because of Olive Garden’s “same-restaurant sales lagging Knapp-Track recently” they are “implementing a comprehensive brand renaissance plan to regain momentum” that includes a redesigned logo and restaurant, among other changes. We love it! The new logo is fresh and contemporary, which is very beneficial for a new generation. The design is more open and vibrant, creating an atmosphere that promotes togetherness, while maintaining the casual warmth and family-friendly nature guests love about Olive Garden.

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