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How to Design Websites for a Specific Target Audience

target audience

Ok, so you have developed this awesome logo and brand now what? Well it may be time to start thinking about; how you are going to reach your target audience?

A website is the key to any great brand to gain clients and creditability. Well it comes down to essentially four keys elements that are used to further brand identity; as you don’t want it to stray away from your new awesome logo.

1. Content

​Content can truly make or break your site. If the content does not make sense to what you are marketing/selling. You probably won’t reach the clients you are looking for. For example: If I am writing for professionals, you may want to use industry specific terminology. Whereas if you are marketing to children, you would use a different set of vocabulary to market to them.

2. Content Layout

Laying out content can also affect who you like to stay and navigate through your site. It can also be industry specific. You would not use a full width drop down navigation if your clients and customers are more traditional. Try a more traditional navigation, so customers can easily navigate through your site.

3. Color Selection

Colors are a powerful and impactful way to bring in consistency to the brand. They can sway thinking, change actions and effect moods. So, choosing colors that best reflect the brand identify and your target audience are a must. They can make or break your site just as much as content. If your logo fully encompasses bright bold colors, try adding a more of a neutral color tone to the website that balances out the logo and enhances it. This will create balance and legibility while also creating eye flow through the site without it being to overpowering.

4. Font Selection

As colors are important to a site, so is a font selection. Know your demographic and do research to asset the best font to use for your site. If your target audience is business professional a fancy script is probably not the best choice. Your designer will most likely recommend a font selection for you to use on your website. This will also help with keeping everything constant with the brand, logo, and target audience.

Need more useful tips and inspiration. Take a look at some of the websites we have done in the past and give us a call to learn more on how strategy leads design.

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