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Guidelines For Mixing Fonts

Pairing fonts can be a challenge and become very stressful. Selecting two or more fonts that work well is one thing - selecting two or more fonts that work together to achieve your typographic aims may cause you a headache. Here are a few tips that can help to alleviate the headaches.

  • Using a serif font? Combing it with a sans-serif font usually does the trick.

  • Using a sans-serif font? Combining it with a serif font works as well.

  • Combing two similar fonts is never a good idea.

  • Contract is essential

  • Stick to tow fonts, or three if you mush (bust use it sparingly)

  • Don’t mix moods

  • Combine fonts of complimentary moods

  • Keep it simple. Use different weights of fonts in the same font family

  • Combine fonts of similar time eras

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