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Five Examples of Top-notch Healthcare Social Media Campaigns

The healthcare industry has always been a widely discussed topic around the world, and as the use of social media continues to rise, industry professionals are becoming more active on social platforms to communicate important messages and connect with their audiences. Below are five examples of top-notch healthcare social media campaigns.

1. Carilion Clinic #YESMAMM Campaign

The Carilion Clinic, located in Roanoke, Va. launched the #YESMAMM campaign in 2011 to raise awareness about breast cancer and early detection. The clever use of the phrase “MAMM,” which is short for the term mammogram, became a popular hashtag on Twitter. The campaign allowed the clinic to answer common breast cancer questions via social media, drove high-volume traffic to their website, and encouraged women to schedule breast cancer screenings.

2. United Healthcare “We Dare You” Campaign

The “We Dare You” campaign won multiple awards for its exceptional form of audience interaction. The campaign encourages people to make a healthy change each month and to report their success on social media. United Healthcare uploads monthly dares, quizzes, and prizes to their website which encourages healthier lifestyle habits and helps builds a community to grow their brand.

3. Anne Arundel Medical Center Stachie Facebook Contest

The Anne Arundel Medical Center, located in Maryland, has grown in popularity due to their “stachie” Facebook contest a few years ago. The contest encouraged participants to upload a “stachie”–a selfie with a fake or real mustache to raise awareness for men’s health. The campaign had perfect timing as it was organized during the month of November, which has become known as “Movember” or “No Shave November,” which is a popular trend among men. The contest was successful not only from a social standpoint, but it also drove traffic to the center’s webpage for men’s heath.

4. Arkansas Children’s Hospital #100DeadliestDays Campaign

The Arkansas Children’s Hospital #100DeadliestDays campaign was a hashtag-based marketing campaign that became successful due to the hashtag’s memorable and shocking verbiage. The campaign’s purpose was to raise awareness during the timeframe between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which is considered to carry an increased risk of death for children and teens. With the hashtag, Arkansas Children’s Hospital posted tips, facts, and other valuable information on their social platforms to help increase safety for children and teens during this time period.

5. Dana-Farber Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center “You Have Us” Campaign

The Dana-Farber Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center, located in Massachusetts, created the slogan “Right now you may have cancer. But what your cancer doesn’t know is–You Have Us” to create a personal approach to cancer treatment. The campaign featured personalized videos from the center highlighting their facilities, services, and staff. The campaign was successful because it built a form of trust between the center’s personnel and their target audience.

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