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The Strategy Behind the Presidential Candidates’ Logo Designs

On any given day, we see hundreds (if not thousands) of logos for small businesses, corporations, and even for individuals. No matter the scale or reach, the intent behind a logo remains the same: to provide a face that tells a story about the brand. This is no exception in the realm of politics. During election time, it seems like overnight the world is flooded with new logos for individual candidates, all campaigning for the same result. But what is it that makes a Presidential candidate’s logo successful?

Since the 2008 elections, President Obama’s logo has almost become the gold standard for political logo design. It is memorable, simplistic, authentic, and consistent, and it helped get him elected. Echoes of Obama’s campaign logo design can be seen in candidates’ logos today. The criteria for a successful Presidential candidate logo can be extensive, but paying attention to the details from the start has the potential to make for a stronger campaign.

Looking for a logo that best represents your brand? Here are a few guidelines we can observe and learn from the best candidate logo designs:

1. Make it Memorable

The most crucial impact you want from a well-designed logo is memorability. The moment it is first seen, a logo needs to resonate with your target constituents so that they can attach a memory to it. Another part of this is making your logo stand out from the others. More often than not, Presidential candidate logos offer such slight differences from one another that it significantly decreases your chances of sticking in the viewers’ mind. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

2. Less is More

A logo needs to communicate everything that a candidate represents, but in a much smaller package. Scalability is a huge factor. It needs to be simple enough that, when shrunken down on a button, it has the same impact as it does on a billboard.

3. Be Authentic

The logo should be a visual representation of the candidate. It should speak for their beliefs and communicate their character. If a campaign logo fails to do this, people become confused when it does not match up with the individual standing behind it. Who are they, really?

4. Stay Consistent

Create strict guidelines on how the logo is used and where it is placed, as well as for any additional brand elements. Inconsistent use of a logo or an ever-changing brand translates to an unstable candidate, which can potentially break a campaign.

Logo design is a critical part of any professional marketing design strategy. No matter your political persuasion, Studio Brand Collective can help create a memorable, authentic logo that communicates what your brand is all about. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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