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Social Media: It's More Important Than You Think

First thing our social media coordinators do in the morning, like many people do, is check their email! Sometimes our clients will email news to us over night they would like to be featured on their pages. If not, our social media associates continue with the scheduled content for that day. Each social media associate has multiple client's social media accounts they are responsible for writing content for, gathering and putting together images and day-to-day maintainence and updates. These platforms include Twitter, Facebook, a professional site, Pinterest, LinkedIn and online review sites (depending on the client). When finding topics to write for the month's content, our social media pros look for interesting articles depending on the industry of the client they are working on. They draw inspiration from these articles and sometimes even link and share on our client's pages.

Our social media associates also create social engagement strategies based on social media reporting. At the end of a three month period (or a quarter), the brand account executive works with the social media team to analyze all the data we pull. This includes what posts are getting the most likes, what cities are our clients the top in, what content is getting the majority of engagement and which images we used were the best. After we analyze the data, we summarize it for the client, and create a new social media strategy. These strategies sometimes keep old tactics and sometimes we completely have to re-do everything. That's the fun part about it -- we never know what the next quarter will bring, and we love to get creative with our clients.

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