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Portfolios aren't just for college grads looking for work post graduation. We recently updated our website and portfolio to show our new work and our new look! It's important to brand your portfolio like you've branded yourself, so you show consistency. We have a our portfolio online as well as a hard copy to hand to potential clients to view at their leisure. Make sure to either give prospective employers a copy of your portfolio either through digital means like on a USB or on a personal website, or a hard copy.

We created our portfolio to match the new direction we want to take our business, so each page has an aspect of a modern city and clearly labels what is what. Good design means nothing if someone doesn't know how to navigate your site or what they are looking at. Make sure to have things that add value to you and your portfolio. All pieces that have been published are a must! Also be sure to show off your diverse creativity - whether it's different types of writing samples (articles, blog posts, research, etc.) or different types of designs (website layouts, photos, advertisement samples, etc.), it's important to show off all aspects of what you love to do.

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