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Rules To Pitching

It’s difficult to get your client’s message heard when pitching to reporters. They are constantly bombarded with emails in their inbox, so how do you get your pitch to stand out? Here are a few tactics to keep in mind when writing you next pitch:

  • Relevance – if your client’s product or brand isn’t relevant to the specific reporter you’re pitching to, why would your target audience be interested?

  • Be Inevitable – Make your client or rand something people can’t believe hasn’t been around until now.

  • Stay Authentic – Don’t try to unauthentic to the press. They’ll know and it won’t work.

  • Keep it Simple – Keep things concise and simple. If you start getting complicated explaining your brand, the editor/reporter will lose interest.

If you can’t express all of these things concisely, you have a problem and a reporter probably won’t give you the time of day. With a catchy subject line and a personally tailored email pitch, you’re sure to gain reporter’s attention.

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