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Outdoor Signage Tips That Attract Patients

Are you thinking about developing a sign for your new or existing practice? Or are you considering upgrading your existing sign to a new more eye-catching one? Well Creative8 is here to help. Here are three tips to guiding you on the right path in creating your outdoor signage.

Choose eye-catching colors.

Color plays a key role in the overall identity and recognition of your brand, but it could also make or break your outdoor signage. Studies have shown that 80 percent of the recognition of a trademark is due to its color. Knowing this, it is best to pick a color that not only represents your practice in the best possible way, but also attracts your ideal patients.

Be careful when it comes to the trending colors of the year, as a trending color of today could be outdated tomorrow. It is recommended to stick with colors that attract the eye and are attention-grabbing. It also helps to think about color theory when branding your signage, as a patient could be attracted to one color, but perturbed by another. Think of longevity and visible colors that define your brand when designing a static outdoor sign for your medical practice.

Make sure it is legible.

If your sign is too small to be seen at great distances you will lose patients, as the legibility of the letters will be difficult to read. It basically comes down to the fact that the larger the letter the easier it is to read, especially at great distances. A good rule of thumb is that you should increase the letter height by an inch for every 10 feet in distance. To clarify, this means that, for signage to be clearly visible from 100 feet away the letters will need to be 10 inches tall. Also, consider the thickness of the letters. A bolder, thicker font choice will provide more visibility over a fancier thinner font.

Think outside the box.

Signs don't have to be traditional. There are new and inventive ways to display outdoor signage that will engage and attract patients, from digital signs to a simpler, refined sign. Next time you are out for a drive, pay attention to what catches your eye. Also, talk to your design team about what would work best for you practice. What looks like it would be trending may have a negative effect on your business.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at 713-322-6481. Creative8 are Houston's outdoor signage experts, and our graphic designers can help you create your next fresh new sign for your practice.

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